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Gallery Reading with Psychic Mark

Join us for a Gallery Reading with Psychic Mark.

What is a gallery reading?

A gallery reading is when healing happens in a group setting. Individuals come together in groups to help support growth, transformation and change. On the other side we make contracts with souls for our very ascension to help each other work through karmic themes like letting go, or forgiveness. In a group reading otherwise known as a gallery session, all of the beings present are privy to the information that gets channeled through, which means all message are meant for everyone present. Each individual may not receive a personal reading but all messages channeled are meant for everyone.

Cost: $30 per person. Please contact us to reserve your spot ASAP. Space is limited.

Who is Psychic Mark?

Mark, a health and healing intuitive to the elite, travels the US where he services a list of celebrity clientele assisting individuals in creating a life of fulfillment, integrity and empowerment. Serving 25 years in the healing industry Mark realized his unique ability as a psychic medium and channel. Mark hosts weekly group readings at the Blush Center For Healing in Northampton, MA known to his beloved clientele as Spirit Talk© and Become The Light Again. Spirit Talk, the popular weekly group/gallery style channeling and Become The Light Again, a themed based psychic mediumship reading event, grew out of Mark’s one-on-one intuitive counseling sessions, Mystical Energetics©, which bridges the gap between bodywork, counseling, and psychic channeling. 

Mark has worked and presented at the Healing Spirit Expo in Northampton MA, the Soul Light Expo in CT, the Astrological Society of CT, Black Cat Mystical Shop in Bridgeport CT, and 2 years in a row at the Forever Family Foundation which serves as an organization certifying Mediums/Psychics and counsels family on trauma, loss, and grief.