at Stella Mare Wellness, our mission is to provide a sacred, judgement-free space that cultivates a strong high-vibrational community.  We meet and support you on your healing journey wherever you are, and strive to accelerate consciousness-raising, self-transformation and self-empowerment.  Through educational wellness workshops, yoga classes, meditations, dialogue, connection, movement, food, sound, deep healing energy work, high-quality spa and salon services and much more, Stella Mare Wellness is a place where minds, bodies, and spirits are nourished


we value Mother Earth, and strive to limit waste, provide non-toxic, organic treatments for hair and skin, honor each equinox and solstice, embrace her magic and medicine wisdom, and continue to learn, educate and increase awareness around earth-friendly practices

we value community and strive to bring together people of all backgrounds by providing free monthly community events in addition to our paid workshops and services

we value integrity and strive to support our community in the best way we can by providing appropriate alternative health referrals and resources



Meagan Zarba

Licensed Massage Therapist & Manager